Double Delight for twins

Hannah and Gemma Brocklehurst are like peas in a pod, so alike that even the HSC couldn’t pry them apart.

Hannah and Gemma Brocklehurst

Hannah and Gemma Brocklehurst

The 18 year-old twins from West Hoxton, study, work and socialise together, and are never more than two or three marks apart in exams.

They studied the same HSC subjects, share the same friends, eat the same meals, dislike the same foods, share the same part-time waitressing jobs and even drive identical cars in the same colour.

Their similarities defy such logic that even their car number plates are uncannily similar, with a slight difference on a couple of numbers.

So it was no surprise to find the Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook students had achieved close scores in the 2014 HSC.

Hannah achieved an ATAR score of 95.85, while Gemma got 94.0.

Gemma, the younger by three minutes, said the benefit of always having Hannah as a study partner meant she was always supported.

“She is very intelligent and very giving,” she added. “She never has been selfish.”

Hannah, who describes Gemma as “very loving” said she would make a great primary school teacher.

“She has this big heart and can never say ‘no’ to anyone,” said Hannah. “Every time a little kid approaches Gemma, she can’t help but give them a big hug!”

Next year, they will be separated for the first time as they plan to study different degrees.

Gemma, who loves kids wants will study a Bachelor of Education at Notre Dame University, while Hannah will study Occupational Therapy at UWS because she believes it will be rewarding.

“Its nerve wrecking but it’s exciting at the same time because it will be a new experience to build independence,” said Gemma.

“I’m sure it will just make us stronger,” added Hannah.

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